Written in 2006 and recorded in early 2007, this is the second instrumental album I have recorded, featuring predominantly the guitar but starting to incorporate the piano into the writing. I started to write this album in 2005 and begun the process of recording it in 2006, but due to harddrive failure I lost all the hard work I had done. I then took some time from the allbum and some songs didn't make it onto the final version, and will be used in a future project. I was listening to a lot of Shawn Lane's music around this time and I think the Lane influence can be heard throughout. I wanted to put more emphasis on writing and structure for this project, after the wild guitar-based Persistence of Vision. I used a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp, with a Sure SM57 hooked up to a Fostex 16track machine. Iused my custom Conklin guitar on all but one track; when the heavy guitar solo kicks in on 'Edge Of Nowhere' that is the sound of my Ibanez JEM7BSB. Yamaha P-80 digital piano was used for all the keyboard tracks.


'Edge Of Nowhere' - this is the intro to the album, and is really in two parts. The first section has a lot of Lane influence, and features a clean guitar solo over a backwards-delay type effect that continues for the duration of the solo. The Main guitar builds and slowly the track moves into a theme which can also be heard in the reprise. The distorted guitar solo is played on an Ibanez JEM7BSB because I wanted a big contrast between the clean solo and the distorted solo


'Slip Away' - This one of the more accessible tracks on the album, and did quite well in a recent 'Guitar Idol' competition where it came out in the top 20 out of a few thousand tracks. I remember I had the melody for quite a while and it took a while to come up with a nice set of chord progressions. I quite like the guitar tone on this track, and the Lane influence is also present on this track.


'Listen To Me' - This is another melody-based track , but the melody was written much later than the clean guitar backing that can be heard throughout. The backing guitar makes use of the whammy bar to create an unusual fretlees-type effect. I wanted the guitar solo section to have the effect of being a continuous flurry of notes while keeping a constant tempo.


'Small World Pt I' - This is a clean guitar intro to the main track part II, and uses many of the same chords and progressions which appear in the second part. I used a patch on my Boss GT-5 effects processor to acheive the haunting delay effects in the background.


'Small World Pt II' - This track was influenced by african music and is one of the more structurally complicated tracks on the album. The middle section was influenced by Mike Oldfield, and makes use of layering an idea whilst repeating it. It also makes use of my voice where I use harmonised humming noises in the background.


'My Everything' - This is a track which was influenced by Dream Theater and contains a lot of odd time signatures, and features some harmonised background guitars which I got the idea for after listening to 'Christeen' by Devin Townsend. This track has some of the most complicated guitar work on the album


'Unbreakable' - This is a very slow piece of music, and I used a nylon-string guitar for the backing guitars. The main melody that can be heard at the start and throughout the track is played using harmonics on the guitar played through a volume pedal. I wanted the track to have a huge ending.


'Fragile' - This is keyboard only, and uses an electronic piano patch. It has a jazzy feel and was totally improvised.


'You Already Know' - This is one of the more melody-driven tracks on the album and features a piano solo. The intro is played using the same patch used for 'Fragile', which serves as an intro to this track.


'Another Day' - This track started out life as a piece of music I used to play with a band, and I always like the chords used in this piece. It was adapted for use with the band, and when it came to recording it for this album I transcribed a few of the vocal parts for guitar. The solo used in this was one I had written for the band version, but I like it so much I kept it for the album. There are a few niggly recording issues with this track which i couldn't eliminate in the mix.


'Breathe' - This is the heaviest track on the album and I nearly didn't include it as it didn't really fit the mood of the album, but I think it creates a nice contrast. I wrote this after listening to 'Hardcase' by Shawn Lane, and the main 7-string riff is influence by this track. This echoes some of the music from 'Persistence of Vision', especially in the solos.


'More Than It All' - is clean piano, and I wrote this after listening to a lot of ambient music such as Steve Roach and Robert Rich. There is no real melody or structure, but I thought it was a nice piece of music and suits the mood of the album perfectly.


'Timeless' - a Satriani-type track with a strong melody and chorus. I adapted this piece for a recet competition submission. The ending of this track mirrors the ending of 'Time' by Joe Satriani to some extent. Quite an upbeat track to lead into the reprise.


'Edge Of Nowhere Reprise' - using similar chord progressions to the initial track and features a repeating section at the end which incorporates a little bit of every track that preceeds it.

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