Piano Concerto No. I

Written and performed by Mark Gibson

This is a three mvement piano concerto for orchestra and piano which I wrote and recorded at the start of 2012. The Whole project took three months to write and record. I performed the piece on my Roland HP207 piano. I wrote all the individual instrument parts and performed them using the relevant patches on the Roland piano, there is no programming. I recorded directly into a Macbook Pro, added all the reverb later, and mixed the project in Garageband. The piece is influenced by Rachmaninov mainly, but also has nods to Alkan and Chopin throughout. I spent a lot of time on structure, and I was concious of theme and variation which is evident throughout the pieice, especially in the third movement. The whole concerto begins with a simple line doubled in octaves which is reminicien of Rachmaninov's third concerto first movement, and there are nods to this particular pieice throughout the movement. The concerto is part of a larger project I am working on.